Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Michael McKee's articles of interest, 11/16/2014

Screening of Documentary Footage to Preserve Affordable Housing

Our first screening of a documentary about organizing to preserve affordable housing on the Upper West Side and in other communities - including clips from Crown Heights, RAFA march in Harlem in August, RGB hearings & vote and Great Neck, Long Island:

What:      Mitchell-Lama Film Project, A Work In Progress
Where:     Goddard Riverside Community Center
                 647 Columbus Avenue at West 91st St
When:      Wednesday, November 19th at 7:30pm

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tenants in Bankruptcy shielded from losing rent stabilized home

New York State's highest court has ruled that a tenant in bankruptcy need not sell her rent stabilized lease back to her landlord to raise money for the tenant's creditors.  
The NY Times has covered this:  Rent-Stabilized Leases Shielded in Bankruptcy.
Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam wrote the Nov. 20, 2014 decision that the tenant could not be forced to give up her home and sell her rent stabilized lease to the landlord.   Relying on a state law that exempts "public assistance benefits" from being seized by the bankruptcy trustee,  Judge Abdus-Salaam said that rent stabilizes leases are such a benefit.