Monday, October 12, 2020

McKee's Media - Oct. 12, 2020


(excerpted from Michael McKee's TenantsPAC email)


Steve Wishnia: Evictions are happening in upstate New York; advocates call for a "true" moratorium (The Tenant) (VIDEO of news conference)

Georgia Kromrei: Administrative judge says evictions can resume October 11 (The Real Deal)

Georgia Kromrei: Census Bureau says 3.7 million tenants could lose their homes due to eviction (The Real Deal)

William Glaberson: In tiny courts in New York State, abuses of law and power (New York Times)  (An article from 2006 which is still relevant now that evictions are starting upstate)

Sylvan Lane: Advocates urge federal government to provide housing aid as eviction cliff looms (The Hill)


Daniel Cohen: Affordable housing is the key to New York's recovery (Gotham Gazette OpEd) - Cohen is a candidate for City Council. 

Molly Crane-Newman: Bill in New York City Council would bar landlords from conducting criminal record checks on prospective tenants (Daily News)

Greg Smith: New York City Council members slam NYCHA for failure to fix exhaust ventilation systems, creating a COVID health emergency (The City)

PROSECUTING LANDLORDS?Jarrett Murphy: Manhattan D.A. candidate Diana Florence wants to prosecute landlords who game the rent regulation system (City Limits)

Emma Fitzsimmons: De Blasio announces proposed upzoning for SoHo & NoHo, triggering fight over density & affordability (New York Times)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

McKee's Media 9/29/2020


Tenant Safe Harbor Act will be effective at least till Jan. 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

McKee's Media - Sept. 17 2020


Affordable housing development

Landlords can't go after personal finances of small business owners

Homeless in Hotels - NIMBYism  (Mayor has since paused moving them out of the Lucerne)
Nikita Stewart: Caving to NIMBY protesters, de Blasio announces he will move homeless men from Upper West Side hotel back to shelters (New York Times)
Shant Shahrigian: Elected officials, UWS residents slam de Blasio over plan to move homeless men out of Lucerne Hotel (Daily News)
Janaki Chadha: De Blasio reaps public scorn, internal dissent over his caving in to NIMBY protesters (Politico NY)
Daily News: Homeless musical chairs: De Blasio boots disabled from midtown hotel to make way for men being moved from Upper West Side hotel
Janaki Chadha: Legal Aid Society to sue de Blasio over moving residents with disabilities out of midtown hotel (Politico NY)
Daily News editorial: By caving in to NIMBY protesters on Upper West Side, de Blasio makes a bad situation worse

Rent Drop in NYC (not in poor neighborhoods)
Robert Frank: Manhattan rental market plunges, leaving 15,000 empty apartments in August (CNBC)
Rachel Holliday Smith: What rent drop? Unlike Manhattan, listed prices on vacant apartments aren't budging in low income neighborhoods where COVID-19 hit hardest (The City)
Oshrat Carmiel: Manhattan rental supply soars, creating problems for landlords to find new tenants (Bloomberg News) (VIDEO)
Erin Hudson: Manhattan rental vacancy rate hits the 5 percent mark (The Real Deal)
Emily Davenport: Some NYC neighborhoods saw purchase price drops in August (amny)
Georgia Kromrei: Market-rate rental payments nationwide down to lowest rate since start of pandemic (The Real Deal)

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Information for Tenants during the pandemic

The NYC Comptroller's office has created a website with resources for tenants and others.

The state courts are closed except for emergencies (like a vacate order or the landlord or your roommate locking you out of your apartment, or the ceiling caving in).  And landlords are barred from filing eviction proceedings until the pandemic is over. 

However, under current law, tenants will still owe the rent for this period. 

State Senator Brian Kavanagh has proposed a "rental assistance voucher" program in a bill.  This would pay the money to landlords for poorer tenants whose income is affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.  

Please urge your state legislatures and Governor Cuomo to get it passed. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

McKee's Media (excerpted) - 3/12/2020



Queens Daily Eagle: Real estate industry floods Donovan Richards campaign for Queens Borough President with contributions

City & State: Defeated in court, Andrew Cuomo again floats bill to require nonprofits to make public disclosure of their donors

Brendan Lyons: Lawmakers seek to bypass Cuomo, win constitutional amendment to replace weak JCOPE ethics agency (Albany Times Union)

Kingston Daily Freeman: Assembly Member Kevin Cahill doubts accuracy of study that found Kingston vacancy rate exceeded 5 percent

City & State: Last Week's Winners & Losers

Bill Mahoney: Despite Cuomo's statement that U.S. Census is a priority, state has not yet released outreach funds from last year's budget (Politico NY)

City Limits: Emergency grants can help stop homelessness -- if you have a lawyer

Patch: Three-way race for Brooklyn state senate seat heats up  

Erin Hudson: Brokers can charge fees at least until June as state asks for extension to respond to real estate industry's lawsuit (The Real Deal)

Matthew Haag: Tenant advocates say brokers & landlords are violating state's new rent laws (New York Times)

Rich Calder: Bronx D.A. investigates anti-tenant City Council Member Mark Gjonaj for misuse of campaign funds (New York Post)

Amanda Luz Henning Santiago: Mark Gjonaj's many unflattering headlines (City & State)

Walter Mosley & Alex Fennell: 421-a tax subsidy fuels gentrification (Brooklyn Eagle OpEd) 

Wall Street Journal: Master plan to develop Sunnyside Yards envisions $14.4 billion deck over the train yards to make room for 12,000 affordable apartments

Mike Jaccarino: "There's nobody left to lay off." How the once-great tabloid New York Daily News sank into decrepitude (Vanity Fair)

The Intercept: Working Families Party endorses Bernie Sanders for U.S. president

Common Dreams: Bernie Sanders crushes Trump by 18 points among independent voters in national poll

Danny Katch: Can Bernie Sanders make the Democratic Party a Democratic Party? (The Indypendent)  

Mother Jones/ProPublica: The benefits of being Joe Biden's brother  

Nathan Robinson: Democrats, you really do not want to nominate Joe Biden (Current Affairs)
(A long but thoroughly documented & reasoned article about why Joe Biden would be a disastrous Democratic nominee, and why Democrats should support Bernie Sanders)

Albany Times Union: A century after women's suffrage, state legislature is one-third female 

Joseph Spector: Coronavirus scams: How to protect yourself from being ripped off (Journal News) 

City & State: Everything New Yorkers need to know about the 2020 U.S. Census