Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tenants win RENT FREEZE from RGB: NO increase for 1-year lease renewal; 2% for 2-year lease renewal

NY Times

New York City Board Votes to Freeze Regulated Rents on One-Year Leases

Tenants chanted before the city’s Rent Guidelines Board voted on Monday at the Great Hall at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in Manhattan.

The board that regulates rents for more than one million rent-stabilized apartments in New York City voted on Monday night for a freeze on one-year leases, an unprecedented move in its 46-year history.

The 7-to-2 vote by the city’s Rent Guidelines Board was an acknowledgment of the precarious situation of many tenants whose incomes have not kept pace with housing costs. It also was the first decision on rent levels by a nine-member board appointed in its entirety by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The board, one of the few tools the mayor has to directly influence the cost of housing in the city, also voted to increase rents on two-year leases by 2 percent, a historic low.
The mayor refrained from publicly calling for a rent freeze as he had done last year. But his housing plan aims at building new affordable housing while staving off the loss of existing affordable units — either through rent increases or the removal of stabilized apartments from regulation.

McKee's media 6/30/2015


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Michael McKee

Tenants Political Action Committee

McKee's media 6/29/2015


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WNYC/City Limits: NYC’s water supply (where it comes from, why it is so expensive)

Michael McKee
Tenants Political Action Committee

Tenants won RGB Rent Freeze! 1 year renewal: NO INCREASE. 2 year renewal: 2% increase

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tentative rent law deal doesn't do much for tenants

The rent deal proposed by Gov. Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Heastie, and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan does very little for tenants.  If you want more, contact Gov. Cuomo, our State Senator Bill Perkins and our Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell to vote NO on the "conceptual deal."

What tenants need
What Cuomo is offering
Vacancy deregulation
(motivating landlords to oust regulated tenants, losing affordable apartments forever)

Repeal of vacancy deregulation
Rent at which vacant apartments can be de-regulated goes up from $2500 to $2700. 
MCI and IAI increases
Major Capital Improvement and Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases (now permanent)
Limit the increases to end when the cost of the improvement has been re-paid.

Reduce the permanent increase by 1/3.
Vacancy bonus
Right now, landlords get a 20% rent increase just because an apartment has become vacant. That motivates them to kick out tenants to get to the vacancy decontrol threshold.

Cut the bonus.

No change
Rent law renewal term
As long as vacancy deregulation is in effect, we’re losing affordable apartments.

One year renewal

Four years
Preferential rent
Tenants renting at below the legal regulated rent (LRR) can be hit with LRR increases on lease renewal.

Close the loophole

No change

Monday, June 22, 2015

Michael McKee's media collection June 17, 2015

State of Politics: Keith Wright introduces eight-month extender of rent laws

Keep the pressure on Gov. Cuomo. Don't let up now!

Governor Cuomo is happy to blame the State Senate and even the Assembly for the failure to renew and strengthen the rent laws so far.  (Even the landlords want them renewed;  the tenants want them strengthened.)  Click on the image for the text. 

518-474-8390 ext. 3, and email 
(even if you've done it recently).