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imagesIf you have a legal problem with your landlord, you may need a lawyer.

1. Check with your tenant association to find out whether you're the only one with a particular problem. If others have the same problem, it's better to fight jointly (with a lawyer!).

2. If there's no tenant association or other neighbors don't have the same problem - or if you are facing a court appointment with your landlord - GET A LAWYER! Click on that link to Housing Links Lawyers for both free lawyers (for those who qualify economically) and paid tenant lawyers.

And if you're in a Mitchell-Lama whose owners seek a rent increase in a Mitchell-Lama rental building, the tenant association is entitled to an accountant paid for by the landlord. 

Here are some recommended by tenant associations: 

Richard Montanye
Marin & Montanye
1800 Northern Blvd. #205
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 625-3700 #201

Steven Greenberg, CPA
20 Broad Hollow Rd. #1001
Melville, NY 11747
Phone (631) 271-8000
Fax (631) 271-8001

Jeff Resnick

The Resnick Druckman Group LLC
469 7th Ave., Suite 1300
New York, Y 10018
Phone: 212 594-2020
Fax: 212-629-0293

Long Island Office:
14 W. Hawthorne Ave., Suite 105
Valley Stream, NY 11580
Phone: 516-561-5190
Fax: 516-561-5356

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