Monday, November 3, 2014

Help Tenants PAC elect pro-tenant candidates

 Dear Friend,

The election is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4.

Tenants PAC strongly urges a vote to re-elect Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and a vote to re-elect State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, both of whom are great supporters of tenants and tenants’ rights. Tenants PAC has made no endorsement for governor.

Tenants PAC also urges a NO vote on Proposal One, a constitutional amendment put forward by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the legislative leaders that claims to create a non-partisan system for redrawing legislative district lines beginning in 2022. In fact this is a fake reform proposal that would actually enshrine in the state constitution the ability of the legislative leaders to draw hyper gerrymandered lines in order to protect their majorities and protect incumbent legislators. The foxes that run the hen house called Planet Albany will do whatever they can to persuade voters that this is a good plan, but it is fatally flawed. Vote NO. (The proposals are on the back of the ballot.) No fake reform!

It is not too late to make a contribution to Tenants PAC to help elect our six priority candidates for New York State Senate. Just this week we have made an additional $3,300 in donations to two of them, and we want to do more by the weekend. The hope for a Democratic majority in the State Senate rests on the outcome of these six races, all of which are competitive and could go either way. All six of our candidates are solidly pro-tenant. The NYC real estate industry is pouring money into five of these races to help the Republican candidates.

We thank those of you who helped us meet our latest $1,000 match; the response was swift and much appreciated. We urge everyone to dig deep into your pocketbook and give again, or give for the first time if you have not yet done so. The stakes are enormously high.

You can send a check payable to Tenants PAC to:
Tenants PAC, 277 Broadway, Suite 608, New York NY 10007.

Or you can make a secure on-line donation at

Contributions to Tenants PAC are not deductible from federal income tax.

One week to go.

In solidarity,

Michael McKee
Tenants Political Action Committee

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