Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heastie potential Silver successor.

Read about Heastie in Juan Gonzalez's NY Daily News article.   Gonzalez suggests that Heastie distance himself from some of his principal advisors including Stanley Schlein, whose lobbying clients have included the Rent Stabilization Association, and the NY Yankees, according to the NY Observer.  

It behooves all tenants to urge their Assembly Members to tell the next Assembly Speaker - whoever it may be - that we need repeal of vacancy deregulation along with renewal of the rent laws that expire in June 2015. 

The NY Observer reported that When later-convicted State Senator Pedro Espada  "initially refused to help give the Democratic Conference their long-sought-after majority unless they were properly rewarded in their share of the spoils, there was Mr. Schlein, representing the Espada faction in their negotiations with Gov. David Paterson and the Senate. "

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