Friday, February 12, 2016

Criminal charges for landlords/developers who ignore safety

Landlords and developers who ignore safety are being criminally charged in the U.S. and abroad.

NY Times
5 Arrested in Connection With East Village Gas Explosion

The gas explosion that killed two people and destroyed three buildings last spring in the East Village was a catastrophic consequence of a scheme by a landlord who had installed an illegal gas line and hid the setup from inspectors, all in a bid to hold onto tenants and their high rents, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Al Jazeera America

Three Taiwanese construction company execs were detained on charges of professional negligence; scores died in building

Three Taiwanese construction company executives have been detained on charges of professional negligence resulting in death following the collapse of an apartment building that killed dozens.
The district prosecutor's office in the city of Tainan said in a statement Wednesday that Lin Ming-hui and architects Chang Kui-an and Cheng Chin-kui were suspected of having overseen shoddy construction of the 17-story Weiguan Golden Dragon building, which crashed onto its side following an earthquake Saturday.

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