Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tenants Urge Repeal of Urstadt Law & of Vacancy Decontrol

‘We Need a Democratic Senate This Year': City Democrats Fight For Urstadt Repeal

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It’s a 40-year-old dream that city Democrats hope will come true next year.
A slew of city council and assembly members rallied at City Hall today to call for a rent freeze on rent-regulated apartments next year and, more ambitiously, the end of a law that has granted Albany great sway over how New York City regulates affordable housing.
“There are people running for governor right now and I do not know where they stand on Urstadt, including Governor Cuomo. I would like to know where he stands on repealing Urstadt and bringing Urstadt back to New York City,” said Councilman Jumaane Williams, the chair of the council’s housing and buildings committee. “I know that there will be some debates coming soon and I hope one of those questions to all of the candidates running for governor, including the current one, is where do you stand on the repeal of the Urstadt Law and bringing home rule to New York City?”
Read the full article  at http://observer.com/2014/09/we-need-a-democrat-senate-this-year-city-democrats-fight-for-urstadt-repeal/#ixzz3EphVbLBu 

Some tenants who spoke:  Clara Perez Joseph of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Thomas Williams of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition, and Sharon Canns, a tenant leader of Tenants & Neighbors.


Additional articles: http://brooklyn.news12.com/news/city-councilman-jumaane-williams-urges-repeal-of-urstadt-law-on-rent-control-and-stabilization-1.7965786





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