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Primary Election: Vote as a Tenant - Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014

Voting makes a difference.  On Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, in the Bronx and Queens, vote against the Independent Democrat  Conference that Gov. Cuomo encouraged to caucus with (and therefore give the majority to) the State Senate Republicans.  

And all over New York, let Governor Cuomo know (with a protest vote) that you're not happy with his doing that!  

Click on "read more" for candidates in the Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. Volunteer to help Get Out the Vote.  See how below.

Below are the choices of Tenants PAC.   Volunteer to help GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) by contacting the person named below each candidate. 




Debbie is challenging incumbent Martin Malavé-Dilan, who voted for permanent
Vacancy Deregulation in 1994 when he was in the City Council, despite his
repeated promises to his constituents to vote no. He is now the only member of
the mainline Democratic conference in the State Senate whose vote we cannot
count on. Debbie has been a tenant organizer in the community for 30 years.
                            Contact: Sarah Boyle
                                     (210) 215-6005

Dell is an organizer with 1199SEIU, the health care workers union. He is challenging
the twice-indicted incumbent John Sampson, who double-crossed tenants in 2010
when he was the Senate Democratic leader, for what he thought was an honest
promise by the real estate lobby to pour money into helping the Dems keep the
majority; but the real estate money went to help the Republicans recapture control
just in time to stop meaningful pro-tenant amendments when the rent laws were
renewed the following year.
                            Contact: Jake Oliver
                                     (917) 653-9619

Jesse has a remarkable knowledge of the workings of the rent regulation system, and
will be an energetic advocate for tenants in the State Senate. He is running for an open
seat against Rubain Dorancy.
                            Contact: David Caicedo
                                     (347) 768-9022


Rodneyse is a Democratic district leader who is running for an open seat against four
other candidates. She will be a strong advocate for tenants’ rights in the Assembly.
Contact: Pierre Gedeon

AD 52             PETE SIKORA
Many tenant activists have worked with Pete on various campaigns, most notably to
enact the 2004 Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Act in the City Council, over
tremendous opposition from Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Giff Miller and the real
estate lobby. It will be exciting to have an organizer in the State Assembly. His main
opponent for this open seat is Jo Anne Simon, who has been active in many progressive
                        Contact: Mary Cooley

AD 55             LORI BOOZER
Lori is a housing attorney and public housing resident who has a great understanding of
tenant issues and will be a leader for tenants’ rights in the Assembly. She is running for
an open seat against several candidates.
                                    Contact: Ahmed Tigani
                                                (718) 312-9105




Gustavo was elected to the State Senate in 2010 with our help, defeating the
landlord stooge Pedro Espada. He is one of the strongest advocates for tenants
in Albany. He is now being challenged by homophobic City Council Member
Fernando Cabrera, who was recruited by turncoat Democrat Jeff Klein to run
against Gustavo. Returning Gustavo to Albany is a must.
                            Contact: Juan Antigua
                                     (347) 609-1161

34 SSD     OLIVER KOPPELL           (part in Westchester)
Oliver is challenging incumbent Jeff Klein, who not only cut a cynical deal with the
Republicans in the State Senate that gives the G.O.P. veto power over all tenant
legislation, but is also himself an operative for the real estate lobby. Oliver is a
former City Council Member, State Assembly Member, and Attorney General who has
always been a strong tenant advocate. Threatened with a primary challenge from
Oliver, Klein has now promised to ally himself with the Democrats next year, when
the rent laws are once again up for renewal. Few in state government trust Klein to
keep this promise.
                            Contact: Jennifer Firestone
                                     (718) 543-3333


AD 79             MICHAEL BLAKE
Michael is running for an open seat against several candidates including one supported
by the Bronx Democratic Party. He is a former campaign operative for Barack Obama
who will bring a jolt of energy to Albany, and will be an important member of a pro-tenant
caucus in the months leading up to the June 15 sunset of the rent laws.
                                    Contact: Stephanie Arthur

AD 86             VICTOR PICHARDO
Victor is a freshman Assembly Member who has been staunchly pro-tenant. He is being
challenged by Hector Ramirez, who used to work for … Pedro Espada. We need to help
return Victor to Albany in time to fight for us leading up to June 15.
                                    Contact: Rachel Ferrari
                                    (516) 353-9435




Incumbent Adriano Espaillat is in a three-way race. A strong tenant advocate,
Adriano has been a leader on our issues in Albany. It is especially important
that we help him hold his seat, as the rent laws come up for renewal once
again next year and we must win repeal of Vacancy Destabilization or see rent
regulation end.
                            Contact: Aneiry Batista
                                     (917) 547-1147


AD 71             HERMAN D. FARRELL
Incumbent Denny Farrell has always been a staunch ally of tenants in Albany. He
is being challenged by Kelley Boyd, who lost a rent overcharge/illegal deregulation
case at the Court of Appeals earlier this year. We need to return Denny to Albany
where he can help us win stronger tenant protections when the rent laws are
renewed in June.
                                    Contact: Al Taylor

In the race for this open seat there are four candidates. Rebecca Seawright stands
out, not only as the only woman in the race but for her record of community activism
and professional accomplishment. A graduate of CUNY Law School, Rebecca is head
of the Feminist Press where she promotes the voices of women and social justice
causes from around the world. She will be an important player in the Assembly next
year, when the rent laws are up for grabs.
                                    Contact: Daniel Dornbaum
                                                (646) 696-0980




John Liu, former City Council Member and City Comptroller, is challenging
Incumbent Tony Avella, who earlier this year allied himself with the G.O.P.
and in so doing condemned all pro-tenant legislation to limbo. John has
always been a stalwart supporter of tenants’ rights and will be a terrific
advocate for stronger rent protections in Albany.
                            Contact: Shiang Liu
                                     (917) 501-6781

Former City Council Member Leroy Comrie is challenging incumbent Malcolm
Smith, who has been indicted for trying to bribe the Republican Party to give
him its ballot line for mayor last year. More to the point, Smith double-crossed
tenants when he was Senate Democratic leader in 2009, promising us that the
Senate would vote to repeal Vacancy Destabilization and in the same week
promising a roomful of real estate lobbyists that the bill would not come out
of committee; the bill did not come out of committee. Leroy Comrie will be a
steadfast tenant ally in Albany.
                            Contact: Derrick Davis
                                     (347) 282-7085

Toby Stavisky, the incumbent, has been a steadfast supporter of tenants in the
State Senate. She is being challenged by S. J. Jung, an immigration reform
advocate. We need to return Toby to Albany.
                            Contact: Veronica Ng
                                     (718) 888-1540

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