Monday, September 29, 2014

Year of the Tenant - Rally Tues. 9/30 at 11 AM, City Hall

Tuesday, Sept. 30
11:00 am @ City Hall
Rally and Press Conference
Join a coalition of city-wide tenants, advocates and elected officials at a rally
to kick-off the renewed campaign for a rent freeze.
On Oct. 1st the 2014 RGB decisions go into effect.  We will stand together to continue our demand that the Mayor’s Rent Guidelines Board give New Yorkers —
a Rent Freeze in 2015! Let’s make it happen!

After thousands of tenants across the city rallied at hearings, marches and at the final vote, the RGB voted for the lowest rent increase in its history.  

We continue to demand a rent freeze in 2015 to keep New York City affordable to and help low and middle income tenants remain in their homes.

Last year’s rent increases of 1% and 2.75% for one and two year leases were historic but not enough for tenants who are suffering and who have received disproportionate increases for decades, especially in comparison to landlord profits.

We were happy to have Mayor DeBlasio come out on the day of the final vote this past June, urging the RGB to approve a rent freeze, however there were Bloomberg holdovers on the Board and the opportunity to make a truly historic decision did not succeed.

This year, the tenant community is very excited that Mayor DeBlasio will have the opportunity to appoint new, fair-minded members to the board who we hope will make fair-minded decisions – landlords have reaped larger profits than the so-call PIOC system has projected for decades while tenants incomes have been getting smaller.

The RGB justified their vote last year based on data, but the price index operating costs system is inherently flawed and should be eliminated.

In 2015, we are looking forward to a truly historic year for tenants, a zero rent freeze by the RGB and significant strengthening amendments to the state rent regulation laws when they are renewed in next June.

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