Saturday, February 10, 2018

Articles of Interest to Tenant Advocates - 2/4/2018

Tenants' PAC
New York Times: Affordable housing crisis about to 
get even worse, thanks to Trump

Karen DeWitt: State senate Dems say first 
priority if they gain majority is campaign 
finance reform, including closing the 
 LLC loophole (NPR)

City & State profile of Jeff Klein, leader of 
rogue state senate Democrats 

New York Times editorial: Cuomo & de 
Blasio must stop quarreling & work together 
to save the subway system before it collapses

Gotham Gazette: Transit advocates to storm 
Albany Feb. 12 for action on fixing subways

New York Times: Faced with unreliable
public transit, health care workers endure
the worst commutes

Ken Lovett: Independence Party opposes 
pro-Airbnb legislation (Daily News)
Journal News: Third candidate seeks Republican 
line for Westchester state senate seat

New York Post: City paying $2.6 million for
de Blasio's legal fees in probe of whether he did favors for campaign donors
WCBS Radio: 17 inspectors arrested,
accused of filing false asbestos reports

New York Times: Clout of City Council
Progressive Caucus wanes

Charles M. Blow: Trump & a constitutional 
crisis in slow motion (New York Times)

Mike McKee
Tenants' PAC · United States

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