Sunday, February 11, 2018

Join the R3 campaign to reach tenants in 4 State Senate districts

Help reach tenant voters in 
4 important
state senate districts:

Join the Real Rent Reform Campaign 
reaching out to tenant voters in the
districts of four senators who are members
of the breakaway group that
collaborates with the  Republicans
to keep them in control of the
state senate. As long as the 
Republicans control the senate,
we will not be able to pass
any pro-tenant bills. These four 
members of the so-called Independent
Democratic Conference are
standing in the way of tenant
legislation,  even though some of
them claim to support the bills.

The Real Rent Reform Campaign is recruiting 
volunteers to knock on doors of prime voters 
who live in rent-regulated apartments in these 
districts, to ask for their help in applying pressure 
to their senators to pass these bills. Most of these 
 canvasses will take place on Monday & Tuesday 

Here are links to the leaflets we are using for this 
To volunteer or for more information,
get in touch with Andrea Shapiro of Met 
Council on Housing: 

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