Saturday, February 24, 2018

Articles of Interest to Tenant Advocates - 2/21/2018

Daily News editorial: 2017 NYC Housing 
& Vacancy Survey shows good & bad 
news about housing crisis

amNY: East Williamsburg tenants accuse 
landlord of construction as harassment

Patch: Brewer, Levine, uptown advocates 
call for underused Dept. of Transportation 
site to be used for affordable housing

Rafael Cestero: Trump's budget cuts 
HUD funding by $8.8 billion, will increase 
homelessness (The Hill)

Nikita Stewart: Homelessness, step by step 
(New York Times)

New York Times: Latest Cuomo vs. de Blasio 
feud focuses on replacing boilers in NYCHA 

NYS End-Run Around Federal Tax Plan

Politics and elections

Mike McKee

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