Friday, December 30, 2016

ProPublica: Why Big Developers Give $$$ to Politicians

(Illustration by Guy Parsons for ProPublica)
Why Developers of Manhattan Luxury Towers Give Millions to Upstate Candidates
A first-of-its-kind analysis shows just how tactical the real-estate industry is about bankrolling state legislators who will protect its $1.4 billion tax break and weaken rent laws.

by Cezary Podkul and Derek Kravitz, ProPublica, and Will Parker, The Real Deal, Dec. 30, 2016, 8 a.m.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Fateful Vote that Made NYC Rents So High

The Fateful Vote That Made 

New York City Rents So High

A 1994 City Council vote enabling landlords to dodge limits on rent increases has had a profound impact on the lives of New Yorkers.

McKee's Media - 12/8/2016

Articles of Interest to Tenant Advocates

The Villager: Hundreds of downtown residents picket Chin & de Blasio to save Elizabeth Street garden
New York Times: City plans infrastructure for South Bronx riverfront to prepare for future development

Housing the Homeless
New York Times: Death of two sisters in radiator malfunction shines spotlight on de Blasio's efforts to address soaring homeless problems
Daily News: Defective radiator that killed two infants was reported in 2015
DNA Info: Council member Rafael Salamanca introduces bills to stop City from placing homeless families in buildings owned by slumlords

Landlords cheating tenants of rent stabilization protections, including 421-A
New York Patch: ProPublica publishes report showing landlords are bilking NYC out of millions of dollars & cheating tenants out of rent stabilization protections
New York Patch: De Blasio says NYC will crack down on landlords who get 421-a tax breaks but do not comply with rent stabilization
ProPublica: Find out with one click if your building is supposed to be rent-stabilized in return for 421-a tax benefits
Raphael Ruttenberg: Tenants left high & dry in crackdown on 421-a landlords (Daily News OpEd)
The Villager: Raphael Toledano ready to throw in the towel on 13 LES buildings

McKee's Media - 12/5/2016


The Real Deal: The sloppy 421-a dispute


Landlords and Tenants

Trump picks Ben Carson to head HUD

McKee's Media - 12/1/2016


Landlords plead guilty to harassment (no jail time)
Gothamist: Brooklyn D.A. lets slumlords Joel & Amron Israel plead quilty to tenant harassment without any jail time
New York Times: Landlord brothers admit to illegal eviction campaign in Brooklyn

AirBnB drops lawsuit against NYC
New York Times: Airbnb capitulates, drops lawsuit against NYC

Tom Waters, Community Service Society: 421-a is a wasteful subsidy to real estate developers & Cuomo's new deal would make it worse (New York Slant)
New York Slant: REBNY rebuts CSS analysis of Cuomo's 421-a deal
Newsday editorial: Cuomo should not link unrelated issues to pay raise; plus his 421-a deal is wasteful and should not be passed at all

Who will control the State Senate
Newsday: Democrat John Brooks ahead of GOP state senator Michael Venditto by 41 votes as recount ends in State Senate District 8; if Brooks win, Dems will have a 32-31 majority
New York Times: Democrat ahead by 41 votes in race for Long Island state senate seat; GOP vows to fight results in court; 1100 votes being challenged
Daily News: Cuomo urged to unite Democrats so they can control state senate
Crain's on maneuvers around control of state senate
Capitol Confidential: Stewart-Cousins talks with Cuomo about uniting state senate Dems
Tenant/Inquilino: Why the attempt to flip the state senate to Democratic control failed

Trump's son-in-law not maintaining apartments
The Villager: How can Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner be expected to negotiate peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians when he cannot bring his apartment buildings up to snuff?