Sunday, September 30, 2018

McKee's Media - Sept. 30, 2018


Nick Reisman: Labor unions back Democratic candidates for state senate (NY State of Politics)
Jeff Coltin: Interview with Zellnor Myrie, new state senator-to-be from central Brooklyn (City & State)
New York Post: John Sampson back in court facing additional charges; asks judge to release him from jail so his family can drive him to next hearing
Ryan Whalen: Buffalo political macher Steve Pigeon pleads guilty to bribery (NY State of Politics) NOTE: Pigeon masterminded the 2009 state senate "coup" when Pedro Espada & Hiram Monserrate formed an alliance with the GOP to give them a temporary majority
Ken Lovett on Cuomo pal Steve Pigeon's guilty plea (Daily News


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